Monday, May 13, 2013

Offside ~ Kiran Vijayan

Book Name: Offside
Author: Kiran Vijayan
Publisher: Cinnamonteal
Pages: 137
Cost: Rs.320
Rating: 3/5 
Gaurav Kale is back to his hometown Vadodara. It has been three years since he was last here, but old memories still continue to haunt him. He recollects the time when he joined a struggling club, Vadodara United Football Club(VUFC); his enmity with the club's captain, Bali; his one-sided attraction towards the hottest girl in college, Shreya; and his best friends Golu, who desperately wants to lose his virginity and John, the crackpot - all of whom cause havoc in his life. Plus, the struggles of getting a misfit team to gel and work together as the biggest tournament of the year approaches just adds to his troubles. As Gaurav reminisces and explores the past, he has to decide whether to go back to a life he has loved or forget the past and start anew once again. When football, the world's most popular sport, and love, world's favourite subject come together, the result has to leave you spell bound.

About the Author:- 
Kiran Vijayan has a B.A. (Honours) in Economics and a Masters in Human Resource Management from The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. He works as a human resource professional, and besides reading and writing, he also enjoys sports and music. He is also a member of the Baroda United Football Club (BUFC) and continues to play football every Sunday at the Reliance Complex. Offside is his first book.
 My Views:-
The book is about a guy who returns to his hometown after a long time, and suddenly feels all the memories which come rushing back to him. He had spent his college days here, and coming back made him nostalgic. He remembered his 2 crazy friends, the local football team he used to play for, the captain of that football team which he used to hate and his love for that one girl. 
The book is like a journey to the past, meaning we get to know what happened through the memories of the character. The book moves at a medium pace, interesting the readers. There are few turns and twists, some of which will make you laugh, some which will make you go "Aww" and some which you just can't believe.
All in all, its a wonderful book. I would suggest you all to read it. Its worth one good read.
The author has kept the book pretty simple and yet beautiful all throughout. I really had a nice time reading this book. 


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