Know the Reviewers

Pooja Pradeep is a normal girl with abnormal qualities and desires. She is currently based in India and is pursuing her first year at the undergraduate level. She is a passionate reader, writer and she loves to sing, dance and cry over fictional characters. She also loves fangirling. The books which have stolen her heart include the harry potter series, Percy Jackson series, the alchemist, famous five , secret seven among many others. She truly believes that books, music and dogs are the best company one can get. You can always find her in the land of dreams.

Varun is a prolific writer and an avid reader. He specializes in genres like fantasy, romance, young adult, crime, suspense, thriller and supernatural. He is also an editor
and has an eye for detail. His favorite books include The Lord of The Rings, A Song of Ice and Fire, Wheel of Time. He follow Jeffrey Archer, Frederick Forsyth among
many other authors. He is a good web researcher and tends to work within deadlines.Currently, he is writing his own fantasy series. Personally, He is too fun to be with and ambivalent. He loves reading, writing, web-surfing and being connected through social media.


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